【English article: Introduce myself】

Today, I write this blog using English.
I’ll tell you in advance, before I introduce myself but I am not good at grammar.
However I want to improve my English skills so I need to do it.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

At first, I’ll let you know about me.
Actually, I arleady introduce myself on Japanese blog pages.
Every Japanese blog readers knows about me.(I hope)lol

I was born in Japan and grew up as well.
When I was a child, I couldn’t speak anything in front of some people.
I don’t know the reason even myself.
The name of symptoms is  “Selective mutism.”

I  couldn’t  even talk to my older brother and father.
I was talking to friends using writing and gesture.

Fortunately, I lived in countryside so a lot of friends are understand my situation.
But I really wanted to change.
I couldn’t talk to many people from 6 to 12 years old.
But now I can talk to a lot of people because I was changed.

It was takes long time but I got important experience.
If I hadn’t had “Selective mutism”, probably I wouldn’t be who I am now.
After that, my life has been totally changed.

I used not to like sing a song but now I’m someone who like sing a song.
In addition, I was really fascinated by foreign countries.
And I’m in NewZealand right now. I’ve arrived here yesterday.
I’ll go to school from tomorrow.

If even it is painful now, yet the bright future must come.
The sky is the limit. Nothing can stop you.
You never know until you try it!!
Take it easy:)
See you next time!!