Ken Sasaki

thank you all guys!! finished the school!!

hi guys!

KEN SASAKI is here!

I appreciate all the guy I met there.

Not only it was great fun,but also my English has improved a lot thanks to you.

i feel the school term was brilliant totally for 3 months.

To be honest, I was really confused at the first time because everyone talked to their teachers everything they didn’t understand freely and the Iresh teachers spoke so fast. I almost couldn’t catch up with the classes.

But the most difficult things was to remember each name haha

gradually i can speak what i want to say and it is a little easy to listen to the others

keep trying what i did

Anyway, i could meet lots of cool guys and spend a wonderful time thanks to you.

I’m gonna live in Dublin until next June if I can find a job

please feel free to call me as normal

After that,I will go around Europe for 2 months

I hope i can see you in your countries.

see you soon!


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